Green Energy

ReVision Energy Named 2020 Greenest Contractor, Ranks #1 in New England for Rooftop Solar

Because we think its critically important to make the same change within that we strive for in our communities, ReVision Energy is committed to eliminating its carbon footprint by 2025. To date we have installed solar on our facilities, along with electric vehicle charging stations, heat pumps and battery storage. Our employee-owners drive a mix of electric cars, Priuses and trucks that run on biodiesel. In recognition of our efforts thus far to eliminate fossil fuels from our business operations, and our environmentally-friendly approach to as many aspects of our work as possible, ReVision Energy is grateful to be named the 2020 Greenest Contractor by Solar Power World magazine! Co-founder Phil Coupe shared: After 250 years of fossil fuel wealth accumulation in the trillions of dollars...

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